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Global first methanol fuel ship into the class GL DNV

  People net Shanghai on January 24 (reporter Chen Wenmin) recently, Marinvest and Westfal-Larsen custom-made 4 ship 5 million deadweight tons of series of tanker will according to DNV (DET Norske Veritas and Lloyd's register of cooperatives merged company) gl low flash point fuels standard built. This is the first ship to use methanol as fuel, can significantly reduce the local pollution emissions.
  These refined oil tankers can also be used for methanol transport, which will be built in the end of the modern shipyard, planned for delivery in 2016.
  Methanol is a low flash point liquid fuel (LFL), and it is the reason why is caused by market interest because it contains no sulfur which can meet the sulfur oxides in emission control area (ECA) the imminent implementation of 0.1% of the emissions requirements.
  Flash point temperature of methanol about 12 degrees Celsius, the new shipbuilding will use additional LFL FUELLED classification symbol to demonstrate compliance DNV GL in June last year released the industry's first low flash point fuels specification of security requirements.
  "The ship will use some of the important safety measures related to oil tanks and piping layout to avoid the impact of the energy when the ship is running, and the complete system of fuel system, leak detection, automatic shutdown and ignition stop function. Its safety concept and the gas is the fuel of the ship." DNV H Skaret, director of operations at GL Kon, said.
  DNV GL is the world's first release as low flash point liquid fuel specification of the classification society, and that methanol is future ship with a part of the energy structure. In addition to effectively reduce the emissions of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, fuel system modification is not difficult.
  GL DNV and the owner, equipment manufacturers and shipyard from the early stage of the design work closely to ensure that the same level of security as the traditional fuel system. For the project contributed to DNV GL using the chemical tanker loading and unloading low flash point liquid cargo and transportation design low flash point goods offshore support vessel of long experience, and alternative fuel 15 years in natural gas as the fuel of shipbuilding accumulation of relevant experience.

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