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house equipped with light weight design and manufacturing technology exchange

  At present, whether military ships, rescue and law enforcement vessels, or luxury cruise ship, the ship is a higher requirement, and by using lightweight design, new technology and new materials to reduce the weight of the ship, the ship is one of the effective ways to improve the speed. In March 30 to 31 by the China house Information Center ship equipment lightweight design and manufacturing technology exchange meeting, from the shipbuilding industry and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Defense University and other units of the experts around the application of new materials, improve the ship lightweight design and manufacturing level, this theme is discussed, they pointed out, should focus on silicon carbide, aluminum, titanium alloy, activated carbon fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and other new materials in the field of ship equipment.
  According to the experts, in the field of national defense science and technology in twenty-first Century, advanced materials technology plays a very important role in the pilot and basic role. With the progress of science and technology and the change of the demand of naval equipment, the lightweight design and manufacturing technology of weapon equipment has been widely used in marine defense cooperative combat system. Relevant experts believe that high performance composite materials and cutting-edge new materials will be the focus of the development of our country. The composite materials such as silicon carbide, aluminum foam and other composite materials have great application value in the field of marine equipment, and the ship design and manufacturing units should be paid more attention. Light foam aluminum, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, the vibration damping performance excellent, electromagnetic shielding performance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, used in the production of passenger ships, RO ro ship, yacht cabin, interval, doors, interlayer floor. Activated carbon fiber is the essential medical material in ship equipment, which can be used to produce high adsorption fiber cloth. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is in the world the most tenacious fiber, is currently making the main material of bulletproof vests; at the same time, the fiber is of good impact resistance can made helicopters, tanks and ships armor plate, door casing of radar, missile shield can also be made of ropes, sails, and fishing tackle. Titanium alloy is a new material for military and civilian use, the use of the aerospace industry has increased year by year, but the high cost of cutting and machining efficiency is low, at present, its application is still limited. With the development of tool material and the continuous improvement of the processing technology, the processing efficiency of titanium alloy will be greatly improved, and the processing cost will be decreased obviously, and then it will be more widely used in shipbuilding, marine development and other fields.
  The exchange will attract a lot of production of new materials and the ship supporting the production of private enterprises to participate in the. For private enterprises eager to enter into the field of weapon equipment manufacturing, experts said, the new material is widely used in the field of civil military integration, some new materials due to high cost, often first in the military field application, the technology is relatively mature, the cost is reduced and then extended to civilian areas. Private enterprises have developed many new products in the field of materials, so the combination have a brilliant future in the army and the people. Relevant experts also introduced the military product research and production license application procedures, military security certification work, and encourage new material production enterprises and shipping companies to improve their comprehensive strength, and actively develop new military materials, for the ship equipped with lightweight design and manufacturing output.

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