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  Zhejiang Hule Electrical Lighting Co.,Ltd of China house Electrician Association unit,  is located in Zhejiang province Yueqing city Hongqiao town. In recent years, as companies continue to grow and develop, has in Shanghai Songjiang the establishment of the Shanghai Hule Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Jiaxing the establishment of the Zhejiang Hule Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which in 2011 invested about twenty-eight  million yuan in Jiaxing to build a new factory, covering about 30 acres, the building area of 16000 square meters. More than 300 employees, including engineering and technical staff of 60 people.
  More than 30 years of development, the company has become a professional engaged in the production of fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof fluorescent lamp for ship, ship navigation signal lamp, incandescent lamp, stainless steel explosion-proof cast light lamps, ships with LED lamps, electrode less lamps, ship refrigeration socket box, switches, connectors and other series of" Shanghai Music" brand electrical products, R & D, manufacturing and sales of professional lighting manufacturers
  Depending on the quality of life, build quality as their responsibility, company according system requirements to establish a quality management system, at the same time, according to quality management system requirements to establish military system, the marine products by the China Classification Society pattern recognition . house impact fluorescent lamp through the sea of Shanghai Bureau and bureau of industry of Zhejiang province electron chaired the review and appraisal. house self-contained emergency lighting through the Zhejiang Provincial Information Industry Department presided over the identification, explosion-proof fluorescent lamp obtained national patent.
  My company produces no starter preheating type ballast configuration common fluorescent lamp light source for the CY series marine fluorescent lighting, using international advanced circuit, has fast starting speed, low temperature and low pressure good starting performance, small electromagnetic disturbance characteristics. Preheat fluorescent lamp ballast without starter won the China housebuilding Industry Corporation Technology Progress Prize three, ships with fluorescent lighting in Zhejiang province was awarded the three prize of progress of science and technology. house impact fluorescent lighting and marine explosion-proof fluorescent lamp belongs to domestic initiate, fill the gaps.
  Product varieties, new style, excellent quality, quick delivery, reasonable price, selling at home and abroad and reputation. We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to come, letter calls business negotiations, can also according to the different needs of customers, design and production of special specifications and improved products or undertake new product development projects
  International standards, leading the industry is our company's consistent standards; quality first, customer first is the purpose of my company; sincere service, continuous improvement is our guide to the conduct of.
  We would like to join hands, together to create the future.